WASP-84 b
Other names Unknown
Orbital Characteristics
Adjective Unknown
Aphelion Unknown
Semimajor axis 0.0771 ± 0.0012 AU
Orbital Period 8.52349 earth days
Average orbital speed Unknown
Satellites Unknown
Physical Characteristics
Surface area Unknown
Volume Unknown
Mass 0.694 ± 0.028 Jupiter mass
Axial tilt Unknown
Surface temperature (min) Unknown
Surface temperature (avg) Unknown
Surface temperature (mean) 797 ± 16 K (523 °C. 974 °F)
Surface temperature (max) Unknown
Other information
Population 0
Surface Pressure Unknown
Composition Unknown
Habitable No

WASP-84 b is a Gas giant discovered on October 22nd, 2013. The mass of the planet is similar to that of Jupiter. The size is also similar to Jupiter, though it is a bit smaller.

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