• ClubPenguin38

    The "Rare Earth hypothesis" is starting to look extremely unlikely, according to a new report.

    How common are planets like Earth? This has been in debate for long amounts of time. Some believe in the Mediocrity principle; which states that planets like Earth are very common, as we are in an infinite universe, and others believe in the Rare Earth hypothesis, which states Earth-like planets, if there are any, are extremely rare. However, thanks to the Kepler spacecraft, the question can finally be put to rest. One in five Sun-like stars in our galaxy have Earth-sized planets which may possibly harbor extraterrestrial life, according to the recent study of Kepler data.

    The closest star with an Earth-sized planet in its habitable zone may be as…

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  • ClubPenguin38

    Our universe is a beautiful place.. right? It's also extremely scary. Welcome to our first list on this Wikia! Today, since the Halloween season isn't quite "over" yet, (even though as we write this, it is November 2nd, 2013), we're going to be listing the top most scariest, spookiest, and just plain downright creepy-looking extrasolar planets. Enjoy!

    1. Gliese 1214 b

    Gliese 1214 b might not actually look too bad at first glance. Its a Super-Earth-sized planet thats rich in water. What can go wrong?

    Apparently it can go very wrong. Ever wondered what it would feel like to be cooked alive? If you landed on this planet you'd have a pretty good answer! Gliese 1214 b may be rich in water, but this definitely is not the kind of water you'd want to …

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