Other names 136472 Makemake
Pronounced m'aek m'aek
Orbital Characteristics
Adjective Makemakean
Aphelion 7.93975739 × 10 (53.074 AU)
Semimajor axis 6.8502361 × 1012 (45.791 AU)
Orbital Period 113,183 earth days (309.88 earth years)
Average orbital speed 9,855 mph (4.419 km/s, 15,908 km/h)
Satellites 0
Physical Characteristics
Surface area ~6,900,000 km2
Volume ~1.7 × 109 km3
Mass ~3 × 1021 kg (0.0005 Earths)
Axial tilt Unknown
Surface temperature (min) Unknown
Surface temperature (avg) Unknown
Surface temperature (mean) 32 K - 36 K (-241 °C. -402 °F) - (-237 °C. -394 °F) (single-terrain model)

40 K - 44 K (-233 °C. -387 °F) - (-229 °C. -380 °F) (two-terrain model)

Surface temperature (max) Unknown
Other information
Population 0
Surface Pressure Unknown
Composition Unknown
Habitable No, far too cold and too far away from the Sun

Makemake, minor-planet designation 136472 Makemake, is a dwarf planet, and perhaps the largest Kuiper belt object (KBO) in the classical population, with a diameter that is about 2/3 the size of Pluto. Makemake does not have any known natural satellites. Its extremely low average temperature, about 30 K (−243.2 °C), means its surface is covered with methane, ethane, and possibly nitrogen ices.

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