K2-155, also known as LP415-17, is a K-type red dwarf star in the constellation of Taurus. It is located around 267 light years from the Sun.


With an apparent magnitude of 12.806, it is too faint to be visible to the naked eye. The radius of the star is 58% that of the Sun.

Interestingly, it is approximately 65% of the mass of the Sun, which means that it is a much larger type of red dwarf than normal. This suggests the star is not as active as a normal red dwarf, causing flares to occur less often than normal. An observation of this star, lasting 80 days, did not record any flares, which is quite impressive for a red dwarf. [1]

Planetary systemEdit

In 2018, a team of astronomers confirmed three Super-Earth planets were orbiting the star. One planet, K2-155 d, is orbiting within the inner edge of the star's habitable zone, which means that liquid water may exist on the planet.

Planet Mass Semimajor axis Orbital period (days) Eccentricity Inclination Radius
K2-155b N/A 0.0546 AU 6.34365 days N/A N/A 1.55 Earth radius
K2-155c N/A 0.0920 AU 13.85402 days N/A N/A 1.95 Earth radius
K2-155d N/A 0.1886 AU 40.6835 days 0.0186 ± 0.0002 N/A 1.64 Earth radius