HD 166 is a star in the constellation Andromeda, approximately 45 light years away from Earth. It is a dwarf star like our Sun, although it is slightly cooler and dimmer. This star has a surface temperature of 5,327 K (9128 °F, 5053 °C). It is 44 light years away from Earth.

The habitable zone for an Earth-like planet would be about 0.77 A.U.s from the star.


  • Constellation: Andromeda
  • Right ascension: 00h 06m 36.78s
  • Declination: +29° 01′ 17.4″
  • Apparent magnitude: 6.13
  • Mass: 0.889 Solar mass
  • Surface temperature: 5,327 K (9128 °F, 5053 °C)

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