Gliese 379.1 A is a multiple-star system in the constellation Antlia. It is 103 light years away from Earth. It has an apparent visual magnitude of 6.14. Although the age isn't known, the estimated age for all the stars in the Gliese 379.1 A system is estimated to be around 7.7 - 7.9 billion years. It is no less than 7.4 billion years old and no greater than 8.4 billion years. The iron abundance of Gliese 379.1 A is -0.15 (70.8% of the Sun).


Observation dataEdit

  • Constellation: Antlia
  • Right ascension: 152.38369566° ± 0.27 mas
  • Declination: -35.85681029°


  • Parallax: 31.61 ± 0.39 mas


  • Spectral type: G0V C


  • Age: 7.9 billion (estimated)

Other designationsEdit

  • HIP 49769

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