Epsilon Antliae (ε Ant, ε Antliae) is the bayer designation for a star in the southern constellation of Antlia. It is approximately 710 light-years (220 parsecs) away from Earth.

The stellar classification of this star is K3 IIIa, where the luminosity class of III indicates that this is an evolved giant star. The radius is around 37 times that of the Sun.

Star informationEdit

Observation dataEdit

  • Constellation: Antlia
  • Right ascension: 09h 29m 14.71968s
  • Declination: –35° 57′ 04.8074″
  • Apparent magnitude (V): +4.51


  • Spectral type: K3 IIIa
  • U-B Color index: +1.68
  • B-V Color index: +1.44


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