Delta Antliae (δ Ant, δ Antliae) is the bayer designation for a binary star system, in the southern constellation of Antliae. It is roughly 480 light-years (150 parasecs) away from Earth. The primary component of the system has a stellar classification of B9.5 V, indicating that it is a B-type main sequence star.

Delta Antliae A, the brightest star in the system, has an estimated mass which is 3.5 times that of the Sun. Both of these stars have an estimated surface temperature of 11,117 K (19550 °F, 10843 °C). At this heat, it shines with the characteristic blue-white hue of a B-type star.

Star informationEdit

Observation dataEdit

  • Constellation: Antila
  • Right ascension: 10h 29m 35.37844s
  • Declination: –30° 36′ 25.4413″
  • Apparent magnitude (V): +5.55


  • Spectral type: B9.5 V + F9 Ve
  • U-B color index: –0.18
  • B-V color index: –0.04


  • Mass: 3.35 ± 0.15 Solar mass
  • Luminosity: 200 Solar luminosity
  • Temperature: 11,117 K (19550 °F, 10843 °C)
  • Age: 214 million years

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