Discovered by University of Hawaii
Discovery date 2003
Other names Jupiter XLVI
Pronounced k'aarpoe
Orbital Characteristics
Periapsis Unknown
Apoapsis Unknown
Semimajor axis Unknown
Orbital Period 458.625 days
Average orbital speed Unknown
Eccentricity 0.4316
Satellite of Unknown
Physical Characteristics
Volume Unknown
Mass Unknown
Axial tilt Unknown
Mean density Unknown
Mean radius ~1.5km
Rotation period Unknown
Albedo Unknown
Surface temperature (min) Unknown
Surface temperature (avg) Unknown
Surface temperature (mean) Unknown
Surface temperature (max) Unknown
Apparent magnitude Unknown

Carpo, also known as Jupiter XLVI, is a natural satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered in 2003 by a team of astronomers from the University of Hawaii, led by Scott S. Sheppard in 2003. It was previously known as 'S/2003 J 20', until it received it's name in 2005.

Carpo is about 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) in diameter, and orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 17.145 Gm in 458.625 days, at an inclination of 56° to the ecliptic (55° to Jupiter's equator), and with a high eccentricity of 0.4316. All of the moons further from Jupiter than Carpo are retrograde.

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