Unfortunately, like any other Wiki on Wikia, we have to set a few ground rules for this Wiki. Severe or repeated violations of these rules might result in a Block. Here are the rules for the Planet Archives Wiki.

  1. No swearing - Sorry folks, but swearing is not allowed here! Minor swears (such as damn, ass, or hell) are allowed, however. There are very few exceptions to this rule.
  2. No fictional planets - Sorry once again folks, but Fictional planets are not allowed on the main Wiki as we want to be as accurate as possible. However, do feel free to put on a fictional planet on your userspace!
  3. No vandalism - Self-explanatory. Please don't make ridiculous edits filled with spam, clearly bogus information or blanking pages.
  4. No 'test' edits - Please use the sandbox for test edits. Do not do them on articles.

That's all the rules we have. Pretty simple, eh? If you'd like to learn how to write an article, click here!

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