Ananke, also known as Jupiter XII, is a retrograde irregular moon of Jupiter. This Moon was discovered in 1951, though the moon was not actually named 'Ananke' until 1975. When it was discovered, it was simply called 'Jupiter XII'. It was sometimes called "Adrastea" between 1955 and 1975. Adrastea is now the name of another moon in Jupiter.


Ananke orbits Jupiter on a high eccentricity and high inclination retrograde orbit. Eight other irregular satellites were discovered in 2000, following similar orbits. These orbits however are constantly changing due to Solar and planetary perturbations.

Other informationEdit

  • Diameter (km): 28
  • Mass: 3.0 kg
  • Semi-major axis (km): 21,454,952
  • Inclination: 151.564°
  • Orbital eccentricity: 0.3445
  • Discovered: 1951
  • Planet: Jupiter

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