Adrastea (also known as Jupiter XV) is the second by distance, and the smallest of the four inner moons of Jupiter. It was discovered in 1979.

It was discovered in Voyager 2 probe photographs, making it the first natural satellite to be discovered from images from a interplanetary spacecraft, rather than through telescopic photography.

Adrastea is one of the few known moons in the Solar System known to orbit its planet in less than the length of that planet's day (in this case, Jupiter)


  • Diameter (km): 20×16×14
  • Mass: ~0.2
  • Semi-major axis (km): 128,690
  • Orbital period: +7h 9m 30s
  • Inclination: 0.03°
  • Orbital eccentricity: 0.0015
  • Discovered: 1979
  • Planet: Jupiter

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