AB Pictoris b is an extrasolar planet (or possible brown dwarf), orbiting the star AB Pictoris. The estimated mass of this planet is about 13.5 Jupiter masses, but because modelling such young objects is difficult, the true mass of the planet remains unknown. Certain models predict the planets mass to be around 11 Jupiter masses, but others predict it to be as high as 70 Jupiter masses. However, using evolutionary models, the planet would be around 13 Jupiter masses.

As the actual mass is not known and isn't known if the mass of the objects exceeds the deuterium burning limit, it is unclear whether or not the planet should be identified as a extrasolar planet or a brown dwarf.

The surface temperature of the planet, as it orbits close to its host star, is estimated to be around 1600 K - 2400 K (1326 °C, 2420 °F) - (2126 °C, 3860 °F).